No hats, hoodies, sports jerseys, oversized t-shirts on men, baskbetball shoes, work-style boots (timberlands) over sized dress shirts or baggy pants, nor athletic wear of any kind will be permitted.

Certain exceptions can be made for fashionable sneakers, fitted v-neck shirts & t-shirts as well as dress hats.

Dress shorts permitted(May-September).

NO over sized POLO SHIRTS. Fitted polo’s are ok.

Nice, fitted jeans are ok.



Relaxed Dress code (No hats or athletic wear) No overly baggy clothing.


Remember that Encore is a high end nightclub and that we ask that our patrons dress to impress.  Many of our customers dress up and we would ask that you do as well. We understand that style is interpretative and with that being said we do make exceptions for fashionable individuals but it is at the discretion of the door staff.